THOR VILHJÁLMSSON: Thoughts for Atli Heimir

Thor Vilhjálmsson, writer
Thor Vilhjálmsson, writer

To describe Atli Heimir and his magical craftsmanship in an ode would not be amiss. His versatility is such that it surely borders on the supernatural.

His deep knowledge, self-discipline, artistry, ingenuity and sincerity makes him at home in diverse elements.

He is thus agile in most if not all musical genres, ancient and new – surprising variations touching and sprouting new phrases, fast and furious – operas, symphonies, theatrical music, of diff erent varieties; bagatelles and divertissements, jumping tonal jokes; sonatas and passacaglias, fugues and crab canons dearly wrought; whatever and whatwhere.

Contemporary, modern, Atli Heimir nevertheless rendezvouses with Jonas Hallgrimsson, eternal poet laureate of Icelandic literature, hitting it off on the right note, to the honour of both. So too with Laxness, another literary giant: Atli Heimir’s composition to “Mary’s Hymn” is popularly accepted, recognized and performed as natural to the lyrics.

It would be no mean feat to account for the prodigiousness of Atli Heimir’s work, his compositions and creations, some of which have found a place in our hearts, his intricate tonal webs so ingeniously formed and attractive, prompting curiosity and quest, learning and revelation. For all of this we gladly and sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude.

Atli Heimir is entertaining, witty and highly inventive

– in talk and tones.

(From the Cd 21 Sounding Minutes, 20006)

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